How to wax at home

How to heat-up your wax roller

  1. Microwave roll-on wax: Pop roll-on wax cartilage into microwave for 45 seconds until soft and runny
  2. Fill bowl with boiling water: When you are not using the roller, place the roller in the hot water to keep the temperate

If the wax hardens, reheat in the microwave


How To Use a Roll-On Wax Cartridge

Once your roll-on is melted, it’s time to start waxing!

Besides the cartridge, you’ll need wax strips, powder, baby oil and a post-wax soothing lotion.

Powder (white powder bottle): Used to soak up any skin oils and moisture that the wax could stick to. It not only helps to protect your skin, but it will actually help the wax grip your hairs better.

Baby Oil (clear liquid bottle): Used to remove any wax or wax residue left over on the skin. Used after you are finished waxing.

Post-Wax Soothing Lotion (green bottle): For soothing, cooling, softening, moisturizing, and nourishing. Helps prevent ingrown hairs, dryness and irritation. Ingredients: Tea Tree oil, Soyabean oil, sunflower oil, Wheat, Vitamin E

Step One: Clean area

Clean the skin with soap and water and dry. This will remove sweat and any product residue from the skin, besides providing antiseptic protection to the area. Do not apply moisturizer.

Step Two: Protect

Apply a bit of powder to make sure the skin is completely dry so that wax adheres properly. Do not put too much, a thin layer is fine.

Step Three: Wax

Applying the wax directly from the roller onto the skin (hold the cartridge at a 45-degree angle on the area you want to wax and press gently while moving the cartridge along about 35 cm. Do this motion in a single swipe so that the wax will come out evenly in a thin film. Now you are ready to press the waxing strip on the wax in the direction of hair growth, stretch the skin in the same direction of growth and removing it against, all while keeping the skin taut.

Remember that roll-on wax is just like soft wax, so you should not re-apply on the same area more than once. Remove any strays with the same muslin strip you have already used.

Step Four: Remove

Use the baby oil to remove wax residue and soothe the skin. Wipe or rinse off excess oil.

Step Five: Treat

Use the post-wax soothing lotion by massaging into the skin in a circular motion.

If you got the WAX & TREAT KIT, use the Skin Soothing Gel to prevent in-grown hair. Gigi No Bump roll-on skin smoothing gel is a mess-free, post-wax treatment that will help you achieve that perfectly smooth, bump-free skin. This roll-on treatment is formulated with salicylic acid that gently exfoliates and unclogs pores after any hair removal treatment. It also contains sea buckthorn oil that helps alleviate swelling and is known for its natural healing properties.



You can reuse your roll-on wax! Wait till the wax is completely dry before putting the lid back on so its easier to remove later!



Ami Tran